New book chapter on Bourdieu

I have dabbled a bit with the ideas of Pierre Bourdieu and how they might be adopted to analyze public relations. An edited volume has just been published in German addressing how the theories of the French scholar have had a bearing on communication fields in general. I have a chapter here called ”Kämpfe im Feld der Wirtschaft verstehen: Bourdieu und die Analyse strategischer Kommunikation [Making sense of struggles in the business field: Using Bourdieu to analyze strategic communication]” trading on my previous writing in English. The point I always return to is that borrowing from Bourdieu brings realistic and power oriented perspectives to research on public relations and strategic communication. The sociology of Bourdieu has its prime advantage in the insistence on the relational and dynamic aspects of the power struggle organizations engage in. Hope the German translation does it justice!

frontpage german bourdieu book


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