Accepted journal article on migration issues

Some irregular immigrants get to stay, most are asked to leave. Many in the latter category appeal and seek media coverage to further their case. While the vast majority of these stories are not reported, some cases do receive coverage and some even cause policy change and a reversal of the return decision. In an article accepted for publication in the European Journal of Communication Kjersti Thorbjørnsrud and I discuss under what circumstances media coverage has such an effect. We analyze three cases where a residence permit was granted after sustained media coverage. In exploring these cases we found the notion of strong frames to be valuable, particularly in how they link to widely held cultural values. The reversals, however, were also brought about as a result of resourceful frame supporters and journalistic engagement. Taken together, the paper contributes to the more general discussion of the dynamics of frame production, effects and power. The paper is called “Making News and Influencing Decisions: Three Threshold Cases Concerning Forced Return of Immigrants” and is based on research conducted in the project Mediation of Migration.

European Journal of Communication


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