New research project: “Communicating Risk in the Digital Age”

I am involved in a new research project called “Communicating Risk in the Digital Age”. The primary objective of the project is to better understand how the digitalization of communication impacts the way we understand, communicate and act upon risk.
 The project has just received funding from the SAMRISK program of the Research Council of Norway. It will be led by the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) with cooperating partners from the U of Oslo, NTNU, University of Montreal
, University of Westminster
, and Vrije Universiteit Brussels. A post.doc.-position is tied to my department and we will be looking to recruit next year.

The project has three secondary objectives:

(1) To clarify, document and analyze who the new actors in communication of risk are,
 (2) to explain how new technological means for communicating risk knowledge impact traditional and official understandings of what risk is and how it should be communicated, and (3) to draw well-informed conclusions about how risk communication can and should be best carried out in the new technological environment.



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