CSR history in Norway

Not sure if you held your breath during these years, but anyway: The paper “Ye olde CSR: The historic roots of corporate social responsibility in Norway” has finally made it into print, which makes it appear real. The online version was published almost two years ago by the Journal of Business Ethics. Anyway, in the essay we trace the roots of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Norway. It is argued that a basic tenet of CSR, an orientation toward the concerns of stakeholders, has a long history in Norwegian business, predating the modern CSR movement. The essay underscores certain qualities of the Norwegian business system and the Norwegian political culture in order to explain how this stakeholder orientation grew and how CSR is perceived and practiced today. Corporatism and dialog are traits which position Norwegian businesses well to address CSR in a globalized economy. Present-day examples of companies and practices are provided to illustrate key features of Norwegian CSR, as it has developed over the course of more than 150 years.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 12.40.48


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