Trouble in paradise?

Eli Skogerbø and I just had a panel accepted for The 2015 International Communication Association Nordic Regional Conference that is to be held October 11-13 at Copenhagen Business School. The title of the panel is “Building in Paradise? Political Communication Theory and Practices in the Scandinavian Countries”. The panel focuses on the political communication in the Nordic countries, which can be seen as both a result of and an enabler of the Nordic model. Thus, the panel places itself in the comparative tradition of political communication research looking at differences and similarities across Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Eli and I will present a paper calld “Some of us have talked,” and we will be joined by Sine Nørholm Just (Copenhagen Business School) presenting the paper “”The Denmark you know” – political privilege and radical rhetoric in ’the world’s happiest country” and Lars Nord (Mid Sweden University) who will present “From The Middle Way to Somewhere in The Middle”.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 12.06.48



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