Off to Japan

Ketil Raknes from Kristiania University College and I have just had a paper accepted for a ICA preconference in Tokyo called Powers of Promotion: Apprehending the Social and Political Impacts of Promotional Culture. Ketil and I will talk about how “the common good” is framed in professional lobbying. Appeals to what is “best for society” are common in lobbying campaigns as non-elected political actors have to argue beyond their self-interest. Lobbying campaigns that use the news media are likely to put even more emphasis on the common good-argument.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 12.45.40


3 thoughts on “Off to Japan

  1. elisabethnordin

    Wish I could attend, the premise sounds very interesting. I wonder if these strategies differ from country to country? And if they differ from local to national to international?

    1. Øyvind Ihlen Post author

      Thanks for your comment! This is indded something we would like to explore further. Will attend a London workshop in May and discuss the possibility of setting up for a comparative study.

      1. elisabethnordin

        Just finished with my own degree last year and I already miss these kinds of studies. Sounds really interesting and thus fun, enjoy trotting the globe through academia!

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