Ongoing projects

Political Communication: POLKOM
POLKOM is one of three research areas with priority status in my department. I am heading the initiative together with Eli Skogerbø and flying the flag for public relations/strategic communication. We are currently preparing an edited volume on political communication in the Nordic countries.

Under the EUPRERA umbrella you find the network for research on public affairs and lobbying. Ketil Raknes (Kristiana U College) and I are pitching a collaborative project where we are looking at lobbyist’s framing and use of the “public interest”-argument.

Public relations and social theory
The edited volume Public Relations and Social Theory has sold well enough to have the publisher interested in a second edition. Magnus Fredriksson (Gothenburg), myself and the contributors are hard at work! PR and Bourdieu is still on my plate. In addition, Alex Buhmann (BI – Norwegian School of Management) and I are also working on how the oeuvre of Jürgen Habermas has been used in public relations.

Public relations and rhetorical theory
I am proud to be working with Bob Heath (U of Houston) on the Handbook of Organizational Rhetoric and Communication to be published sometime in 2018. Together with Jonas Gabrielsen (Roskilde) and Lena Lid Falkman (Stockholm) I am also editing a special issue for Rhetorica Scandinavica on organizational rhetoric. Einar Lie (Oslo) and I are focusing on the issue of CEO compensation.

European Communication Monitor
I am involved with the European Communication Monitor, the world’s largest survey of public relations practitioners led by Ansgar Zerfass (U of Leipzig).


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