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Everything you wondered about Norwegian political communication, and then some

I have committed an edited volume on Norwegian political communication together with a bunch of the best Norwegian academics and a couple of good colleagues from our neighbouring countries. The volume clocks in on 362 pages and the first section offers chapters discussing how political communication is treated in different academic fields (think political science, media studies, rhetoric). Then follows a section focusing on different actors and institutions (political parties, commentators, public relations agencies, etc.), and a section on channels, platforms and processes (election campaigns, speeches, social media, etc.). The book is rounded of with a conclusion chapter and three commentaries from key scholars in the field. 24 chapters in total. I have a hand on the wheel of the intrdocution adn conclusion, as well as the chapters on public relations and lobbying. Again: Brush up on your Norwegian skills!

makt medier politikk


“Greed” or “Competitive Necessity”?

Together with Einar Lie, I have just got a paper accepted for the EUPRERA Congress 2015 to be held in Oslo. We want to build on our paper for the Barcelona PR meeting and conduct a historically informed rhetorical analysis of the debate over management compensation. How are management compensation communicated? What arguments are used? How do corporations anticipate and counter criticism? The paper takes a rhetorical approach to these public relations challenges, focusing on the case of Norway and a particular debate that resulted in the introduction of new legislature regarding executive compensation in state-owned enterprises.

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